Vegetarian Meals for Meat Lovers

Eating less meat is something that is increasingly becoming the norm. Whether it’s meat-free Mondays or Veganuary or flexitarianism or whatever you want to call it, more and more people are opting for the veggie option, and for good reason. Because, as much as I love my bacon butties, it’s well-accepted that meat consumption is a major producer of greenhouse emissions, and there is mounting evidence that adopting a diet that’s reduced in meat is beneficial to both ourselves and the world we live in. This doesn’t mean going all out vegan, just simply trying to eat a bit less meat.

But what do you do when one person in the household doesn’t want their meals to be any less meaty? Don’t get me wrong, I respect people’s right to make their own decisions about what they eat, and I still count myself among the meat eaters (my attempts at being vegetarian have always been heartfelt but brief, despite my best intentions), it’s just that I’m not one for cooking multiple meals. So it seems to me that there are three options:

  • Cook vegetarian meals that are so delicious that even the staunchest meat lover can almost forget that they’re eating nutritious vegetables (heaven forbid!)
  • Cook meals where it’s easy to make a meatalicious and a veggie version at the same time
  • Cook meals that trick whoever is eating it into thinking it’s meat (or near enough meat for them to tolerate)

The first is difficult if you’re cooking for people who aren’t particularly crazy about vegetables so I tend to rely on the second a lot, just because it makes it easy to cater for everyone’s different tastes without having to cook a whole new meal. But my favourite by far is the third – the elusive recipe that’s tasty and satisfies everyone.

So the next couple of posts will be about how to hit that magic sweet spot between ethical and appealing. I’m always looking for new recipes and ideas to try so if you have any then I’d love to hear them – just leave a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian Meals for Meat Lovers

  1. Hi Aliki, since my daughters have been vegetarians for a while, I have been working on plant-based versions of their favorite meat dishes like e.g. Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne, and – I must say – they do come into your third group as they taste like the meaty originals (confirmed also by the meat-lovers). So it is possible but – as you wrote – takes a bit more effort 😉


    1. Thanks, Agnieszka, that’s good to know! I’m still experimenting to find plant-based alternatives that both me and my partner like. I’ve been scouring your website and have a whole list of recipes that I can’t wait to try! 🙂


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